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Seviglia, Spagna

Inserito da iopensa il Gio, 2004-02-26 05:01

Visita alla città e qualche ricerca sull’arte contemporanea: 25 e 26 febbraio 2004.

Huelva, Spagna

Inserito da iopensa il Dom, 2004-02-22 04:57

Incontro dei partner del progetto Glocal Youth: 21-23 febbraio 2004.

Evrim è piena di rabbia

Inserito da iopensa il Mer, 2003-05-21 11:51

Racconto. Seminario sull’apprendimento interculturale ed educazione ai diritti umani nell’area del Mediterraneo – Corso di formazione
Mollina (Spagna-Andalusia), 20-28/05/2003

Mollina, Spagna

Inserito da iopensa il Mar, 2003-05-20 06:13

Seminario “Intercultural Learning and Human Right Education in the Mediterranean Area”.

Euro-Latin American Youth Centre, Mollina (Spagna), 19-29 maggio 2003.

Comicarto, Mollina 2003

Inserito da iopensa il Mar, 2003-05-20 06:01

This strategy and this projects were created during the training course in Mollina. I personally wanted to work on comics and cartoons on human rights with young people and through informal and non-formal education before coming to the training course, but I didn’t know how to do it. The ideas presented in this strategy description are then the result of many suggestions and of many non-formal and informal talks… For example Szuszi suggested to involve young people since the beginning (youth exchange instead of a contact making seminar), Marcos underlined the importance to use comics and cartoons on human rights also to promote intercultural learning and suggested contacts and a wide bibliography to do it (workshops and activates which I would like to include in the youth exchange), Evelina proposed to use the project or some part of it also in Eastern European counties (follow up), Yasar focused the attention on local initiatives and on a decentralized strategy (local projects), François encouraged a detailed presentation and helped to clarify some parts of the descripion, Nuno presented the “Six Hat” method to facilitate the process of decision taking (for example in the feasibility visit)…
I think the projects are structured in a way which allows changes and improvements: to make it really our projects in a more “formal” way!