Il progetto Set Setal

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Set Setal: des murs qui parlent: nouvelle culture urbaine à Dakar . Dakar: Enda, 1991. 117pp. illus. (color). (Études et recherches, 143). DT549.9.D34S49 1991 AFA. OCLC 25703165

Sintesi di Janet L. Stanley
Set Setal is not so much an art movement as an urban phenomenon — young self-taught painters reclaiming and beautifying their neighborhoods of Dakar. Their “canvases” are cement walls and pavements; their themes range from historic and religious figures, mythology, traditional life, and animals to politics, sports, and public health. In short, they are didactic, moralizing, celebratory or whimsical. Some of the more recent creations are three-dimensional — obelisks and other small monuments — assembled and painted as colorfully as the murals. Set Setal is not entirely an independent, spontaneous phenomenon, even though it has gained its own momentum. Initially, it was a means of mobilizing youth, of redirecting the energies of young urbanites into creative channels and instilling in them a pride of place.

See also Jacques Bugnicourt, “Soudain, les murs de Dakar fleurirent sous les fresques,” Le monde diplomatique (Paris) avril 1991, page 28. VF — Art, Senegal.

Niane, J. C., Vieux Savané and B. Boris Diop. Set Setal: la seconde génération des barricades. Dakar: Sud éditions, 1991. [not available for review; but see below: Set Setal: des murs qui parlent: nouvelle culture urbaine à Dakar]
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