Prima idea per un'esposizone di carta

Inserito da iopensa il Dom, 2005-07-24 11:23

I would be really interested in curating a “paper exhibition” of
artists working on African cities.
It can be something like
a) 3-5 pages filled with images or
b) images always in the same position inside the issue (so that when
you look through the magazine you go through the exhibition) – this
solution is more complicated but also more interesting, i think.

it’s something i wanted to do with Africa e Mediterraneo for the
issue i curated on Ars&Urbis, but at the end there was so much work
that we couldn’t really focus on this (i also worked with the graphic
designer of the magazine on the structure of the issue; we changed
quite a few things but the idea of creating a paper exhibition inside
the issue wasn’t developed).

Please let me know what you think. I already have all the material
(more images compared to the images presented in Africa e
Mediterraneo). also Politique Africaine needs to be happy about it
and i’ll need to work with the graphic designer of the magazine to
produce it (actually, maybe i can also work with an Italian artist but we’ll need all
the technical info on the issue).

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