Expo on CD

Inserito da iopensa il Mer, 2005-08-24 09:46

I think Cairo would be a good topic for the expo, but it would be
also interesting on a CD to publish some short videos too (i do have
works on Douala, Algeri and Capetown – a mixture between art and
documentation). i’m very interested in trailers. what i would like to
do is to work on trailers of African project: produce short
presentations of what happened, what i wanted to happen, what i would
like to present to an European public (trailers don’t correspond to
films).i think trailers best represent how European (me compresa)
take and reinterpretate African projects/events/realities.
are you going to have someone editing the CD?
are you going to have someone who can do the editing on the videos?

you can make your choice of the photos on the web site, but most of
the images of Douala are made by Sandrine Dole (there should be the
credits online in the same page). maybe, send me a link, so i make
sure to ask the right person permission to publish the images.

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