Statuto della Fondazione iStrike

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Lucia Babina (da Rotterdam), Francesca Recchia (da Londra) ed io (da Milano) lavorariamo online sullo statuto della Fondazione iStrike.
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iStrike Foundation is an environmental organisation which operates on international territories. It focuses on the resources of the environment and works at a local and international level.


iStrike Foundation aims at highlighting and surveying new dynamics of intercultural exchange and international cultural cooperation. To stress and overcome the definition of culture, identity, diversity and development, iStrike Foundation focuses on the environment and strengths the idea of resource, avoiding activities based on problem solving.


The aims of iStrike Foundation are:
• working on a local level within an international context
• working on an international level with a local and sustainable impact
• facilitating and documenting new perspectives on the environment and on the geography of complexity
• experimenting media and languages
• connecting different environments and their resources
• triggering the possibilities and the strengths of localities
• promoting international mobility and cultural networks
• developing the idea of environmental resource, which includes culture, art, diversity, humankind and landscape


iStrike develops cultural programs and produces international activities, researches, art works, documentary materials, publications, archives, commercials, trailers, videos, workshops, networks and conferences.


In cooperation with artists, cultural producers and architects, international projects are setup to investigate local conditions in specific urban spaces and virtual dynamics in territorial landscapes. The programs are developed through creative innovations and in collaboration with civil society, universities and local enterprises.
iStrike produces its own projects or works as production agency for others. In particular iStrike encourages projects created by young people or involving young people.

Rotterdam-London-Milano, 15th of February 2006

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